At 30, Alexis has already built a lot.

Lover of nature from a very young age, he began by building huts in all the trees of the castle where he grew up, which would later lead him to study and obtain his diploma as a wood-building technician with the prestigious institution of the Companions of France.

Within a large company, as Team Leader, he will build hight-end house for 4 years and then one day he comes close to death in a terrible accident where he will lose the ability to use his 2 arms during months.

After a long physical rehabilitation, and a complete rehabilitation, he decides to take a trip to Miami.

There he discovers a city in full effervescent, and especially residences and an incredible architectural style under construction on every street corner. Astonished by the backyard construction techniques that the locals use, he decides to offer these services to a potential client who will trust him and Alexis will quickly establish his new business

"Alex Wood Concepts ". It will be an an immediate success, much to Alexis's surprise, and continues to this day.

But the adventure does not end there! Decidedly passionate about wood, Alexis begins to design furniture and accessories for an ever-growing clientele who is interested in all these creations.

The idea was born to create his own label, and Alexis turned to his origins: he will name the new company after his grandparents, LECHANET, and will take the family Coat of Arms as the basis of his logo.

Alexis wishes to create unique pieces, working on different associations of materials.

An appreciation for Luxury, a lot of work, ambition, that is what the LECHANET brand represents.

And the concept doesn't stop there: the combination of Alexis's creations and the physique of the young designer will together represent the LECHANET brand image.

By extension, the brand's creativity is now extended to the perception of Alexis's personality






1703 Opa-Locka Blvd

Opa-Locka, FL 33141

T +1 (786) 779-6648



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